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Fences, sidelines, and the end of my email addiction

About a year ago we came the conclusion that being connected all the time wasn’t working out so well for us. We noticed that emails sent late at night tended to be longer, less focused, and much more likely to cause tension and trouble. I found myself checking email just before bed, and again as soon as I woke up, because I worried I’d miss something.

Thumb drunk at work

I did it last night: I received a text while walking to dinner and, despite the fact that I was in the middle of crossing a four-lane street with a bike lane, I glanced at the message and started typing a response. I veered for just a second and almost walked into someone coming the other way.

Skype Robot: A Telepresence Tool

A recent visitor to our studio asked for plans to build their own version of our Skype* Robot**, the telepresence system that we use to link our Philadelphia and New York offices. Here’s a list of the components we put together for our dedicated telepresence tool. Read more…

Washing the dishes

I had coffee with my friend Pete today. Pete writes for the Boston Globe and he helps his dad run a snow plowing company. I was asking Pete about his work, and about how he fits his writing into his day. He started talking about Chris, a friend of his from graduate school. Read more…


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