What Email Habits and Manners Reveal

Email is a tool that evolved with the internet and is ubiquitous in today’s workplace.

Harnessing the duality of time

I check the time. 9:03am. 27 minutes until the morning check-in meeting. Enough time to boil water, make oatmeal and tea, and walk around the block so that I see some trees before I sit down in front of my computer.

Why Post-its?

Like many designers, we use Post-its. Lots of Post-its. Inevitably, our partners and clients jokingly ask if we’ve got stock in 3M. And while we use lots of other objects in our work, Post-its get used everyday. So it’s a reasonable question: why Post-its?

A prescription for better conferences: Permission

How are conferences like our everyday work? We’re afraid to miss a meeting (or a breakout session) because we might miss something important, but invariably the more valuable conversations and connections happen outside of meetings.


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