Time/Value ratios of common work tasks

Recently at the Action Mill, we have been focused on designing ways to help people create work habits that improve their efficiency and satisfaction with their day to day tasks. In December, we were pleased to participate in an open house for participants of the National Performance Network (NPN) Annual Conference.

What we are reading: Community by Peter Block


Why you should read it? Peter Blocks' Community: The Structure of Belonging provides very specific examples and steps to take in how to form meaningful relationships and resilient communities.

Turning Quantification Into Habit

On August 5th of last year I got on a scale and didn’t like the number that I saw. With two young kids, a stressful project just ending and lots of travel over the past year, I just wasn’t feeling great. I didn’t feel good about what I was eating or how little I was exercising. I didn’t feel strong. Staring at the number on the scale I also realized I was afraid.

Fences, sidelines, and the end of my email addiction

About a year ago we came the conclusion that being connected all the time wasn’t working out so well for us. We noticed that emails sent late at night tended to be longer, less focused, and much more likely to cause tension and trouble. I found myself checking email just before bed, and again as soon as I woke up, because I worried I’d miss something.


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