Grace is overcoming

Pat_and_Aunt_Lib_MGoG.jpgWhen I played an early version of My Gift of Grace last summer with my Great Aunt Lib* (one of my favorite people on the planet), she asked why we chose to use the word “grace” in the name.

Utilizing the OODA Loop to uphold a patient's wishes and values

Through the process of developing My Gift of Grace we have learned a lot about the kinds of conversations people have (and don’t have) about end-of-life care. We have seen just how challenging it can be to get clear about one’s values and goals of care, and how important it is to make one’s wishes known.

The Costs of Avoiding Death

Death and taxes; the two things we are told are unavoidable in life. Most of us have come to terms with facing taxes we owe, but when it comes to facing our death we have a number of ways to defer, delay, and avoid acknowledging it. These methods to avoid death are widely accepted, but at what cost?

Grieving and making whole

This post is from our archive, I wrote it back in May of 2011. 

Many different experiences of loss

A Gift of Grace: Winner in the End-of-Life Care Challenge

We are pleased to announce that our submission to the Health Care Experience Design End-of-Life Care Challenge was named Best Solution Focusing on Advanced Directives. Our submission, A Gift of Grace, is a set of cards with prompting questions, activities, and phrases to help people comprehend the complex is


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