Escaping Pandora's Inbox with LeanMail

Do you check email in the middle of another task? When you're bored or stressed out? Right before bed, or first thing in the morning? When you're waiting for a meeting to start, or for the light to turn green? 

We did. And last fall, we decided we'd had enough. We developed LeanMail to break our email addiction, and we're sharing this 25-minute webinar so that other people can join us in redefining our relationship with our inboxes.

Try it out, and if you have questions, post them in the comments section.

You can find out more about our experiments with mindfulness at work in the Workplace Lab, and contact us if your organization would like help structuring a more effective, happier workplace.

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Jethro Heiko is a partner at The Action Mill


Hi – I love this concept and am tempted to try it. I’m wondering what you suggest about outgoing emails – do you limit these to the two timebox hours too?

Good question, Nancy! We do limit our outgoing emails to our timeboxes. I find that email can be very addictive – if I open my email app just to write an email, I can usually see that new emails have arrived, and then I’m tempted to read them, and tempted to… you get the picture. So instead, if I have an email to write outside of my timebox, I do it in a text document and then send it during my next timebox. Keeping up that discipline helps me stay focused.

Nick Jehlen is a partner at The Action Mill