Inclusive Brainstorming

The practice of human-centered design can be challenging. Above all else, designers in this field must maintain focus on the user, which is more difficult than it seems. What happens when the target user has vastly different day-to-day experiences than the designers? Several members of our team had our human-centered skills put to the test with such a challenge recently.

How do people talk about hospice care on social media?

In our efforts to understand how people deal with death and dying every day, we took to social media to look at how people talk about hospice. We used the tool Storify to capture social media posts related to hospice, and wove them into a real “story” that gives personal context to this large, unwieldy topic.

47 Questions, unlimited answers

hand_writing_on_cards.pngOne of the things you figure out pretty quickly when you’re dealing with end-of-life issues is that nothing is simple.


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